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About CMC Exports

We Have Dedicated Strategies for Serving Our Overseas Clients

with good quality produce at the best competitive price’. We have dedicated Arrangement personnel to collect produce from farmers and sort it for export as per specifications, and pack it and send it to Airport, or sea Port with no loss of transit time. We take customized care to sort the produces ‘export-worthy’ and see that our customers are served well.

Our Vision

To become one of the globally impacting food companies enriching consumers lives with healthy, high quality and fresh products.

What We Stand For

By providing safe, natural, and healthy products, we aim to reflect the very same qualities onto the lives of our customers all around the globe. Year after year, CMC actively demonstrates a strong commitment to the global community and a greater environmental responsibility. Operating under a predefined set of values and high quality standards, we make sure to live up to the promise, to be the box of Fresh Produce.

Our goal at CMC Exports is capitalizing on our global presence by the continuous development, adaptation, and improvement of our market offerings, in order to build trust in our range of premium fruits and  vegetables. By further expanding our global operations with a strong focus on product quality and customer satisfaction, we are always taking steps to bring our costumer closer to nature

Safe, Natural, and Healthy Products

Our Mission

To improve consumers lifestyles by unlocking the potential of nature and delivering the best quality food from soil to plate.

To achieve this goal, we focus on 4 main pillars

Our People

We are Passionate
About our People

We believe that by searching for, acquiring, and developing the best talent, we always have the team that strives to deliver the highest standards

Our Partners

Our Suppliers are
Our Partners

We insist on establishing long-term partnerships with our suppliers and integrate the farms into our production cycle.

Our Products

By hand – Picking the
Raw Material

utilizing expert technical knowledge, and controlling the cycle end to end, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality and food safety standards.

Our Service

With a Very Diversified
Global Portfolio

we offer a personalized customer experience to maximize satisfaction and to efficiently anticipate and react to our customers needs.


CMC Exports the Most Premium Quality Fruits and Vegetables

CMC exports the most premium quality fruits and vegetables to the largest retailers and manufacturers in Europe, South Asia and Middle East.

Not only limited to bulk exporting, our company has successfully partnered with some of the biggest brands to be their one stop shop, providing them with Private Label solutions

Our strength comes from valuing our partners and providing them with the highest quality of products and best service. We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses.

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Veggies Filled with the Essence of Nature.

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